Field Engineer (#1113)

Kimden: Agenstwo

Habarlaş: infosta (136)
Telefon: +99363695752

Goşuldy: 2 aý öň
Görülen sany: 221

Field Engineer (#1113)
Job Responsibilities:
-Engineering support of installation works on launching and service maintenance of downhole equipment at the site-Control and organization of works of the contractor's crew (drilling, KRS) during installation of the layout in accordance with the work plan
-Participation in preparation and coordination of plans
Conditions and requirements:
Education: Higher professional education
Type of activity: Oil and gas industry
Knowledge of languages: Russian, English (fluent)
Work experience: 3 to 5 years
Salary: 700-1000$
Skills: MS Office, OUTLOOK; Google tools.
Place of work: Khazar city
Working method: Shift (30/30)